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Products CMI Novacast Inc

Products Cmi Novacast Inc

CMI Novacast CA Series Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps. The CMI Novacast CA series of electromagnetic pumps are typically made of stainless steel. Force is imparted to the metal in the pump according to the Left Hand Rule for motors, where if there is a current carrying conductor that is in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a force ...

Welcome to Precimeter Molten metal level control

Welcome To Precimeter Molten Metal Level Control

Premium products for molten metal level control. Precimeter is a world leading supplier offering sensors, actuators, electromagnetic pumps and more for molten metal applications. See our products. Laser Camera Sensors. Specifically designed for molten metal level measurement. Inductive Sensors.

Creative Engineers Inc a Leading Alkali Metal Chemical

Creative Engineers Inc A Leading Alkali Metal Chemical

Creative Engineers designs and builds a wide variety of electromagnetic pumps that are useful for many applications. For detailed pump testing of the DC Lab Pump implemented in this case, the system used high-purity NaK liquid metal as the fluid, which mimics actual process conditions.

CA1136196A Electromagnetic pumps for liquid metal

Ca1136196a Electromagnetic Pumps For Liquid Metal

Electro-magnetic pump for liquid metal comprising a part made of refractory material immersed in the liquid metal providing a conduit for the circulation of this metal under the effect of a magnetic field and an electric current perpendicular to each other at the place where they pass through the liquid metal circulating in the conduit.

Electromagnetic induction pump for pumping liquid

Electromagnetic Induction Pump For Pumping Liquid

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. This invention relates to an electromagnetic pump for pumping electrically conductive liquids, for example, liquid metals, and, in particular, to a pump which uses forces created by interaction of a DC current and a permanent magnetic field to cause the flow of a liquid metal.


Liquid Metal Flow Control By Dc

simulation are compared to electromagnetic pump operation experimental data, validating the BEMC-1 code. This code is used to evaluate the DC electromagnetic pump performance applied to Mercury flow control and others liquid metal such as Sodium, Lead and Bismuth, used in nuclear fast reactors.

Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Pump

Analysis And Design Of Electromagnetic Pump

Electromagnetic pump is used for driving liquid metals in various industrial and research set ups. Liquid metals are invariable toxic and are mostly operated at high temperatures. Loops used for the study of corrosion and MHD studies need to maintain liquid metal purity within tight limits. Electromagnetic pumps provide non-

PDF Electromagnetic Pump

Pdf Electromagnetic Pump

Jul 09, 2021 An electromagnetic pump is a pump that moves liquid in form of metal in particular, any electrically conductive liquid using electromagnetism phenomena.

PDF Electromagnetic pump fabrication and predicted

Pdf Electromagnetic Pump Fabrication And Predicted

The use of electromagnetic devices in pumping, stirring and transportation of liquid metals is a relatively old and mature technology. Yet, in the context of Generation IV of nuclear reactors ...

The magnetic field and performance calculations for an

The Magnetic Field And Performance Calculations For An

induction electromagnetic pump, the three-phase stator creates a magnetic eld travelling along the pump duct, inducing electric current in the conducting liquid metal. The interaction between the resultant current and the magnetic eld produces an electromagnetic body force pumping the liquid metal ow through the duct 2,5,8.

A novel layered stack electromagnetic pump towards

A Novel Layered Stack Electromagnetic Pump Towards

Oct 01, 2020 For low heat power liquid metal heat transfer, especially in the heat dissipation field of electronic devices, direct-current electromagnetic pump DC-EMP is a suitable option for transporting coolant, which has a rather simple structure and small volume.

Electromagnetic Induction Pump Products amp Suppliers

Electromagnetic Induction Pump Products Amp Suppliers

A small electromagnetic induction pump for liquid Ga was built to test this cooling method. The development of an induction electromagnetic pump is expected in that process because, in maintainability and durability, elec- tromagnetic induction pumps are superior to mechanical pumps and electromagnetic dc pumps.

Method and device for electromagnetic pumping by

Method And Device For Electromagnetic Pumping By

The object of the invention is therefore firstly an electromagnetic pumping method suitable for liquid or molten metals having low electrical conductivity, consisting in using an electromagnetic pump comprising a pumping duct in which the liquid or molten metal flows, at least a section of the said duct being crossed simultaneously by an ...

Sapphire Turns To Liquid Metal Cooling VR Zone

Sapphire Turns To Liquid Metal Cooling Vr Zone

May 19, 2005 Sapphire Turns To Liquid Metal Cooling. Sapphire is releasing its next generation of graphic card coolers based on. liquid metal which is even more efficient than water cooling. The liquid metal. will flow through the copper pipes circled with electromagnetic phenomenon to. cool down the card. Some early testing showed that prototype cooled Radeon.

Electromagnetic linear pump for liquidmetal service

Electromagnetic Linear Pump For Liquidmetal Service

Electromagnetic pumps are not noted for their efficiency - values on the order of 15 are not unusual. However, the Energy Systems Group of Rockwell International, under contract to the Department of Energy, has recently designed, built, and tested for the Clinch River

Compact Lightweight Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal

Compact Lightweight Electromagnetic Pump For Liquid Metal

Aug 01, 2010 Compact, Lightweight Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama A proposed direct-current electromagnetic pump for circulating a molten alkali metal alloy would be smaller and lighter and would demand less input power, relative to currently available pumps of this type.

Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers in Illinois

Pump Manufacturers And Suppliers In Illinois

Industrial, Commercial, Domestic pump manufacturing companies, suppliers and distributors in Illinois. Industrial, Commercial, Domestic pump manufacturing companies, suppliers and distributors in Illinois. ... Products Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps. Applications Transferring molten aluminum, zinc, sodium at temperatures up to 800 C ...

Electromagnetic pump AccessScience from McGrawHill

Electromagnetic Pump Accessscience From Mcgrawhill

A pump that operates on the principle that a force is exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field. The high electrical conductivity of the liquid metals pumped liquid metals are used as the heat-transfer media in some nuclear reactors and magnetohydrodynamic systems allows a pumping force to be developed within the metals when they are confined in a duct or channel and ...


Liquid Metal Flow Control By Dc Electromagnetic Pumps

Electromagnetic pumps can be used to liquid metal fluid flow control in cooling circuits. The operation of electromagnetic pumps used to flow control is based on Lorentz force. This force can be achieved by magnetic field and electric current interaction, controlled by external independent power supplies.

Liquid Metal Based Miniaturized ChipCooling Device Driven

Liquid Metal Based Miniaturized Chipcooling Device Driven

Feb 05, 2008 Liu, J, Zhou, Y, Lv, Y, amp Li, T. Liquid Metal Based Miniaturized Chip-Cooling Device Driven by Electromagnetic Pump. Proceedings of the ASME 2005 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Electronic and Photonic Packaging, Electrical Systems Design and Photonics, and Nanotechnology. Orlando, Florida, USA.


Study Of The Fluid Flow In A Mhd Pump By

A schematic view of the pump is shown in Fig. 2. The electromagnetic pump uses mercury as the liquid metal. The liquid metal ows along a channel and a ferromag-netic core is placed on the inner and the outer side of the channel. The conducting uid is assumed to be viscous and incompressible. A three balanced system of currents supplies ...

Pump Cools Chips with Liquid Metal WIRED

Pump Cools Chips With Liquid Metal Wired

Jul 21, 2008 Pump Cools Chips with Liquid Metal Danish company Danamics has invented the coolest in both senses CPU cooler ever. It achieves this

Pumping liquid metal at high temperatures up to 1 673

Pumping Liquid Metal At High Temperatures Up To 1 673

Oct 12, 2017 By using ceramics for the mechanical and sealing components of a mechanical pump, liquid metal can be circulated continuously at temperatures at least as high as 1,673 kelvin.

Liquid metal testing facility could boost fast reactors

Liquid Metal Testing Facility Could Boost Fast Reactors

Nov 28, 2019 Incidentally it explains why impeller pumps are used for lead as opposed to electromagnetic pumps used for liquid sodium with impellers having other issue such as potential cavitation and erosion as well as requiring bearings etc.

Electromagnetic pumps Patent OSTIGOV

Electromagnetic Pumps Patent Ostigov

articleosti5416947, title Electromagnetic pumps, author Davidson, D F, abstractNote An electromagnetic pump is presented wherein a core within a tubular housing defines an annular flow path for liquid metal, the core having helical windings of metal sheathed mineral insulated conductor and each winding comprising a plurality of loops arranged in series.

Electromagnetic Aluminum Pumps Electromagnetic

Electromagnetic Aluminum Pumps Electromagnetic

Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps 1 supplier Electromagnetic Locks 15 suppliers Electromagnetic Magnesium Pumps 1 supplier Electromagnetic Mercury Pumps 1 supplier Electromagnetic Metal Pumps 1 supplier Electromagnetic Micro Deburring 1 supplier Electromagnetic Modelling Software 2 suppliers

Danamics to Soon Launch LM10 Liquid Metal Cooler

Danamics To Soon Launch Lm10 Liquid Metal Cooler

DanamicsLM10liquid metalcooling solutionelectromagnetic pump hot right now Microsoft Releases a New Windows 11 Testing Build Windows 11 build 22000.160 is now available for download

Electromagnetic induction pump for pumping liquid

Electromagnetic Induction Pump For Pumping Liquid

Jan 01, 1993 A system for casting liquid metals is provided with an electromagnetic pump which includes a pair of primary blocks each having a polyphase winding and being positioned to form a gap through which a movable conductive heat sink passes. A solidifying liquid metal sheet is deposited on the heat sink and the heat sink and sheet are held in ...

New to the Market Electromagnetic Equipment for Alkali

New To The Market Electromagnetic Equipment For Alkali

Mar 29, 2021 Electromagnetic Pumps Electromagnetic pumps are devices that have two primary applications The cooling of nuclear reactors and high temperature furnaces where water is not desired and liquid metal is preferred. The movement of liquid metals to or from tanks and other pieces of process equipment.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Creative Engineers Inc

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Creative Engineers Inc

Electromagnetic flow meters or EM flow meters are unique meters for use with liquid metals at temperatures up to 1500 F. They have no moving parts and no seals and, therefore, are ideal for use with molten metals, including alkali metals such as NaK, sodium, and lithium.

Types of Pumps Application amp Working Principles Linquip

Types Of Pumps Application Amp Working Principles Linquip

Jul 11, 2021 Electromagnetic Pumps An electromagnetic pump is a device that pushes liquid metal or any electrically conductive liquid utilizing electromagnetism. The magnetic field is applied at right angles to the direction that liquid travels in, and a current is transferred through it. This creates an electromagnetic force that moves the conductive liquid.

Liquid Metal Walls Columbia University

Liquid Metal Walls Columbia University

Some of the largest telescopes are made of rotating liquid metals 3 UBCLaval LMT, 2.65 m, 1992 NASA-LMT, 3 m, 1995-2002 LZT, 6 m, 2003- ILMT, 4 m, 2011 test

Danamics LMX breathes new life into liquidmetal CPU

Danamics Lmx Breathes New Life Into Liquidmetal Cpu

Oct 26, 2009 Despite using similar technology - namely an electromagnetic pump that circulates liquid metal through the LMX without the need for moving parts - Danamics claims its enhanced second-gen pump ...

Of Electromagnetic Pump For Liquid Metal

Of Electromagnetic Pump For Liquid Metal

Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal YouTube. A special pump has been built to sustain liquid metal flows in a broad range of velocities. A set of permanent magnets is mounted on a ferromagnetic rotor. This is attached via a steel shaft to an. View Details Send Enquiry Electromagnetic Pumps for Liquid MetalFed Electric Thrusters

Experimental study of an electromagnetic flow meter for

Experimental Study Of An Electromagnetic Flow Meter For

contactless electromagnetic pump with a torque sensor mounted on the pump shaft. The electromagnetic pump is composed of two rotating steel discs having embedded permanent magnets with alternating poles. The rotation of the discs creates a travelling sinusoidal magnetic field and eddy currents within the liquid metal.