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Cutting Drum Bearing Edges

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cutting bearing edges

Cutting Bearing Edges

Jan 25, 2007 if i was to turn my tom into a snare and cut new bearing edges with a router,.. how would i do it,.. what would support the drumrouter 2 ensure that the edge was even

Shells and Bearing Edges BATTLEFIELD DRUMS

Shells And Bearing Edges Battlefield Drums

45 angle, single cut Cut into the inside edge of the shell, a single 45 angle will offer minimal shell contact, which allows the drum head to vibrate longer, thus increasing the drums sustain. The limited contact with the shell also provides a sharper, more modern sound with increased attack. Because the bearing edge in contact with the head at a single point, more harmonics ...

How to test drum bearing edges recording hacks

How To Test Drum Bearing Edges Recording Hacks

Aug 22, 2009 The takeaway lesson is that if you have a drum that is consistently difficult to tune, it may well have a bad bearing edge. Another takeaway lesson you can test this yourself, without special equipment. On a new drum, a bad bearing edge makes for a valid warranty claim, in my opinion.

Bearing Edges Explained How to Build a Custom Drum Set

Bearing Edges Explained How To Build A Custom Drum Set

Apr 05, 2012 Bearing Edges Explained. In Drum Building 101, Drum Building Resources, Drum Building Tutorials, Drum Tips by Philip April 5, 2012 15 Comments. Comments. July 29, 2007. tprice01 ..YouTube.. Great info, Thanks for sharing ... Any additional footage about the full-round bearing edge I am seeing companies like pearl promote this for bassdrums ...

Drum Shell Cutting Side Kick Drums

Drum Shell Cutting Side Kick Drums

We can cut your existing drum shells to your desired depth to help you create the unique sounds you are looking for. Take an old drum and give it new life as a smaller drum or just get your bearing edges cleaned up Shell cutting - 20.00 per shell Hardware removalreplacement, bearing edges and re-installation of re-rings are an additional cost.

Bearing Edge Service Salt Drums

Bearing Edge Service Salt Drums

The Bearing edge is the most important part of the drum shell with regards to tone and overall tuning performance. 1 ... Edge. Second, the chosen bearing edge profile is cut ensureing the edges is free of divots, chatter or burns marks. 3 Hand Sanding. Third, each shell undergoes the skilled hands of the craftsman for final shaping. 4

Checking a Drumshell

Checking A Drumshell

Re-cutting the top and bottom of the drum and associated re-cutting of bearing edges is a dra stic measure that should be avoided unless you are absolutely convinced it is necessary. For the most part torsion can and probably should be left alone.

Bearing Edges Side Kick Drums

Bearing Edges Side Kick Drums

The bearing edge is the part of the drum shell that contacts the drumhead. Side Kick Drums offers a 45 Degree Bearing Edge which is the standard in the industry. The bearing edges are cut and hand sanded for a smooth feel and sound.

Drum Repairs amp Restorations at Memphis Drum Shop Drum

Drum Repairs Amp Restorations At Memphis Drum Shop Drum

Bearing Edges includes level, cut, sand and seal 50 pair Snare Beds 40 per set Shell Cutting includes leveling Sizes 6-16 Sizes 18-28 20 per cut 25 per cut Hole Drilling StrainerButt Plate Tom Mounts Tom Mounts with Hole Pearl Bass Drum Tom Mount Spurs Lugs Offset Lugs Floor Leg Brackets 20 per set 15 each 25 each ...

Percussion Repairs Drum Repairs South Jersey Cherry

Percussion Repairs Drum Repairs South Jersey Cherry

Snare bed and bearing edge work Re-cutting of the drum shells Drum refinishing, both natural woods and covered finishes Repairs and maintenance for marching band and orchestral percussion equipment Repairs for tuned percussion bells, vibraphones, xylophones, marimbas, chimes


Bearing Edge Cutting

Bearing Edges are the top and bottom edges of the drum shell which the drum heads rest on, or in other words the edges of the drum shell that comes in direct contact with the drum heads. These edges must be well aligned, level and balanced to achieve a nice even tone and great sounding drum that is

Bearing Edges Thumper Custom Drums OFFICIAL

Bearing Edges Thumper Custom Drums Official

Bearing Edges are one of the most important parts of a drum If your bearing edge isnt just right, it can cause a whole host of issues. Check out our education page for more details Having a good bearing edge is so important that its worth having them redone every few years. We offer any kind of bearing edge re-cut, but recommend our in house ...

How To Make A Drum Shell HubPages

How To Make A Drum Shell Hubpages

To cut the bearing edges you will need at the very least a router table. Youll also want to use a 45 degree angle router. The bearing edge is the edge of the drum shell that makes contact with the drum head, and its a crucial component in terms of the drums resonant qualities.

Brownie Drum Company Custom Drums amp Drum

Brownie Drum Company Custom Drums Amp Drum

Brownie Drum Co. can handle all of your drum service needs. Specializing in the most precise bearing edges, custom drums and highly detailed drum restorations. Brownie Drums also offers exclusive nesting drums, for practical and effortless travel. Please select from the list below to explore each drum service and for pricing.

ReCutting Bearing Edges Pearl Drummers Forum

Recutting Bearing Edges Pearl Drummers Forum

Jun 27, 2011 Bearing edges should last almost the life of a drum. If your edges are in need of re-cutting, their is something wrong. I would not have all the edges re-cut either, their is no need for that. And waxing edges protect them a bit, but not enough to

About Bearing edges hammercustomdrums

About Bearing Edges Hammercustomdrums

Jan 21, 2016 About bearing edges Much has been said about the shape, contour and function of bearing edges, but it is not nearly as complicated as many manufacturers have tried to make it out to be. Essentially there are three elements of a bearing edge that alter the sound and performance of the drum. Head to shell contact As a drum head is tensioned down onto a drum, the part of the shell that

Drums and Bearing Edges EzineArticles

Drums And Bearing Edges Ezinearticles

A drum that was once dead sounding can find a positive and dramatic sound transformation after having the bearing edges re cut. A rule of thumb after we re-cut bearing edges, we recommend a fresh change of heads to enhance the new relationship you now have for heads and the bearing edges.

Bearing Edges Mattoon Vintage and Custom Drums

Bearing Edges Mattoon Vintage And Custom Drums

Sharp Bearing Edges Last, we will consider bearing edges with a sharp bevel, or a defined vertex between the inner and outer edges. These include most modern edges no matter the angle - 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 22.5 degrees, etc. Lets examine the motion of the head over these edges before explaining why the angle of the bevel has no effect on the motion or sound.

Drum Building Tools for the Advanced Drum Builder How

Drum Building Tools For The Advanced Drum Builder How

Mar 23, 2011 Advanced Drum Building Supplies and Tools. Tools I own and use for cutting bearing edges A Router Router Bits A Router Table. You can buy router tables from most hardware stores, but I recommend building your own table so you can easily route drums that are larger in diameter than standard router tables allow.

Round Over Bearing Edges Drummerworld Forum

Round Over Bearing Edges Drummerworld Forum

Oct 14, 2019 Even sharp 45 degree edges have a small roundover 116 to 316 . This usually comes from the sanding the sharp edges receive after the initial cut. The apex is never on the very outside of the shell like in his example. Most sharp or standard bearing edges fall somewhere in between his 2 examples.

Recording Custom Bearing Edges Drummerworld Forum

Recording Custom Bearing Edges Drummerworld Forum

Jan 30, 2020 If youre looking to change the character of your Stage Customs, you might as well try something new in the bearing edge department. Keep in mind if you go with anything too different from the existing edges youll lose a little more depth. Ive had Precision Drum re-cut edges on several of my kits, and theyve always done great work and to my exact specifications.

Drum Product Reviews NuEdg Bearing Edges

Drum Product Reviews Nuedg Bearing Edges

Mar 18, 2012 A pair of edges for 22.00. I thought to myself, thats not a bad price since I charge 20 per edge when I cut bearing edges so I bought some to see how good they really were. Traditional 45 Which is a single 45 degree edge. Vintage Round Pretty self explanatory. Classic 30 A 30 degree cut with a rounded back cut.

Projects amp Related Things Snare Drum Bearing Edge Jigs

Projects Amp Related Things Snare Drum Bearing Edge Jigs

Dec 28, 2015 Cutting Outside of Bearing Edge L in Progress, R Ready to Blend Only one bit of woodworking remained and that was the arc for the snare cords. To make this last jig I took a full size print-out of it, laminated that to a piece of cardboard and cut it to shape.

Snare Beds What They Are And What They Do DRUM

Snare Beds What They Are And What They Do Drum

Youll find a snare bed on practically every snare drum. These gently curved depressions are cut opposite each other into the bottom bearing edge of the drum, parallel to the throw-off and butt plate. Even metal snare drums have bearing edges newer ones have very gradual rolled-in snare beds, while the older ones have short, pressed-in beds.

Bearing Edges Drum Bearing Edge Recutting Brownie Drum

Bearing Edges Drum Bearing Edge Recutting Brownie Drum

Brownie Drums specializes in cutting bearing edges, and through my experience, I have cataloged the many bearing edge designs and investigated the differences between such subtleties in wood, dimensions and sound dynamics. Brownie Drum Co. can provide any bearing edge you desire. From vintage round-over edges to sharp and angled modern designs.

Bearing Edge TreeHouse Custom Drums

Bearing Edge Treehouse Custom Drums

One of the most critical things about what makes a drum cut through or blend in is its bearing edge. Whats going on here is the amount of drumshell touching the drumhead. Imagine taking a marker on a blank sheet of white paper and drawing a perfect circle. Now do it again with a sharp pencil.

What Is a Bearing Edge Drumsticks Drum Heads Drums

What Is A Bearing Edge Drumsticks Drum Heads Drums

Jul 23, 2018 The bearing edge of a drum is the part of the shell that the drum head rests up against. It is literally the edge of a drum shell, cut or carved in a way to let the drum head sit evenly up against it so the drum will sound the same all the way around. The bearing edge affects the sound of the drum, just like almost every other part of a drum.

FlatningTruing bearing edges Drummer Forum DRUM

Flatningtruing Bearing Edges Drummer Forum Drum

Nov 13, 2015 There arent any companies that close that do re-edging and Id like to recut two bass drums which adds up to about 150 in shipping. Because of this, Im considering cutting my bearing edges myself. Ive practiced cutting the edges before with a router and router table, but I think one of the most important parts is flattening the edge very precisely.

Bearing Edges Sustain Vs Attack DRUM Magazine

Bearing Edges Sustain Vs Attack Drum Magazine

Ive repaired sets where the bearing edges were cut differently from one drum to the next. For example, a 12 tom might have a very rounded edge, while the 13 tom would have a very sharp 45 angle to the outside. On a rounded bearing edge, the contact point where the head meets the bearing edge sends the vibration generated by ...

Shell cutting Precision Drum Company Inc Since 1961

Shell Cutting Precision Drum Company Inc Since 1961

Drum shell cutting can be done with great precision by our skilled craftsmen. Perpendicularity of cut edge and shell wall is maintained by our custom made machinery. We can reduce the depth of your drums by cutting shells, and when necessary cutting new bearing edges and hole drilling to reposition the lugs on the shortened drum.

Complete SET Bearing Edges DrumSupply TV

Complete Set Bearing Edges Drumsupply Tv

3 video complete set Over 50 minutes of content 3 PDFs. All the bearing edge data that actually matters. Learn about bearing edge types, their sounds, and common misconceptions. Learn all about router tables, routers, router bits and how to cut your own bearing edges. Includes Printable Shop Manual PDFl, Router Table Drawing PDF, Truing Table Drawing PDF

How do you measure drum bearing edges

How Do You Measure Drum Bearing Edges

Feb 07, 2021 How do you measure drum bearing edges When you have checked the bearing edges, place the drum on a surface that you know is level. Plate Glass or polished granite are good. Look all around the drum at the bottom edge where it touches the surface. A true drum will touch the surface at all points and you should not be able to see any light ...

DIY Method for Bearing Edge Cutting DFO Drum Forum

Diy Method For Bearing Edge Cutting Dfo Drum Forum

Jan 06, 2009 To cut your edges, youll need a router table with a big enough surface so that the shell will not hang off the table while you cut the drums edge. You will need a piloted 45 degree router bit designed for plastic. When youre cutting the outside edge you will be rotating the shell anticlockwise to feed against the bit.

What You Need to Know Edges Modern

What You Need To Know Edges Modern

Dec 02, 2014 This very common cut features a sharp 1-ply-thick edge that peaks close to the outside of the shell. Sharper bearing edges produce more attack and more sustain, which results in a generally more lively, modern sound. The added attack and sustain are due to less of the drumhead film being in contact with the shell.

Bearing Edges PDGood

Bearing Edges Pdgood

BEARING EDGES Bearing edges are one of the most important factors in determining the tone of a drum. The more wood that contacts the drum head, the less overtone ring youll hear and the more the sound of the shell will be a factor the drum head itself is another major part of the sound. The three main considerations for a bearing edge are